Medical Equipment Manufacture


  • Redesign of Domino Domain
  • Provision of best practices for Administration

Domino Domain Redesign

This company, together with many companies, had grown it's internal network organically. This included the introduction of it's Domino domain. Initial design choice had lead to the company having problems with migrating it's legacy cc:Mail environment, and also in providing connections to both it's head office and it's remote workers.

First Lead came in with the remit of redesigning the Domino environment to easily support the migration of cc:Mail and also to provide support for the head office Domino environment and remote workers.

First Lead re-provisioned the Domino servers, to provide an separate mail and applications servers, including the correct administration access. First Lead also provisioned the best connectivity solution to head office, allowing for the replication of key business databases. Once these key databases were available at the company HQ, the remote workers were able to connect (via VPN) to the local server. Productivity increased dramatically, especially in the sales force, who now had immediate access to all company marketing and order processes whilst on customer sites.

Administration Best Practices

As well providing the services details above, First Lead also provided the local administrators with best practice training and documentation.

This took the form of a PSPG database. PSPG is a standard term for Procedures, Standards, Policies and Guidelines.

Within the documentation, the local administrators could find best practices for any task they were required to undertake.

Also included were daily, weekly and monthly checklists, backup/recovery solutions and server architecture plans.

Using the provided documentation, together with onsite visits by First Lead consultants help the company to quickly become self-sufficient in the smooth running of their environment. Although First Lead could have provided these services to the customer, it was much more important to assist the company manage these tasks internally. It was this dedication to customer service which lead to Pegasus retaining the services of First Lead to this present day.

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