Financial Services Company


  • Provide a cost effective way of upgrading 20,000 desktops
  • Provide a secured email solution for communications with Independent Financial Advisors
  • Lotus Notes Client Upgrade to 20,000 desktops

First Lead were first approached by this leading financial services company when they required design and implementation guidance with their Lotus Domino environment. This guidance directly lead to First Lead being selected to assist with the migration of the existing Notes R4 client upgrade to Notes R5.

What should have been an easy process had turned into a nightmare, as it was found that the Notes client had been installed into different locations across the companies desktops. They also had to contend with the influx of new desktops from acquisitions.

It was found that the standard Notes R5 installation routine was unable to cope with the multitude of different desktop configurations. Combined with a need to seamlessly upgrade the users, whilst maintaining their current settings, had lead to a loss of momentum for deployment.

Initially this company had engineers onsite installing the new Notes R5 client on the desktops.

On a good day these engineers were install 5 - 10 desktops a day. The reason for the slow progress was related to needing to understand where the current client was located, which files to ensure were backed up and restored, and what to do if multiple Notes clients were found on the same PC.

First Lead provided a unique solution to the problem. Removing the normal Notes installation software, First Lead instead created a custom InstallShield program, which handled multiple Notes installations, configuration backup and easy rollout. Using this new bespoke InstallShield application, the engineers started to hit an install target of 30 desktops per day, a 6 fold increase in productivity.

X.509 Secured Email for Independent Financial Advisors In late 2001 the company found that it was was not maximising premiums from it's chain of Independent Financial Advisors, primarily due to being unable to deliver policy documents and marketing in a timely manner.

The benefit of using electronic delivery for these documents was well understood, however, it was acknowledged that to send these communications over normal, unsecured networks could cost the company dearly.

The standard for encrypted mail at the time was x509 certificates. These integrated well with the email systems of the IFA's (mostly Outlook), however, they could posed a problem when the company users came to utilise them. As part of their auditing plans, the company was required to archive and make available all emails for a period of 7 years. If messages to IFA were encrypted at the company user's inbox, there may be problems gaining access to these messages in the future.

The company therefore took the decision that it needed the messages to be encrypted at the gateway.

The chosen product was MailProtect, created by IBM Germany. Integrated into the Domino server, this product offered each user within the company domain the ability to sign and encrypt outgoing mail with the added benefit that the messages sent by the users, were unencrypted until leaving the company servers.

As well as providing implementation support, First Lead also provided development expertise for extending the MailProtect application to support X509 reporting. It was this diverse range of skills which lead to this industry-leading company to repeatedly engage First Lead for their critical projects.

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