Our knowledge, is your power

In all the markets where we operate, both in the private sector and in supporting the delivery of public services, the range of consultancy services we provide is totally focused on helping our clients successfully deliver their strategic projects and initiatives.

The services that we provide fall into four main categories:

ServiceTypical Assignments Undertaken:
Process and Performance Improvments
  • Internal Process Improvement
  • Customer Service Improvement
  • Integration of Agile development techniques
  • Preparation for Standards Inspections
Staff and Corporate Development
  • Staffing Migration
  • Staffing Optimisation
  • Staff Recruitment
Bespoke Software Development
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Complex Data Anaylsis (OLAP, Database, Excel)
  • Automated Reportings (KPI, MIS)
Programme/Project Management, Corporate Governance
  • Full Programme Management Team
  • Smaller scale project management
  • Failing Programme turn-around